Includes a professional consultation, shampoo and style.

Child's Cut (Under 10)

A cut and style specifically designed for our clients aged 10 and under

fringe trim

Hair Color
Mini Highlight

A sprinkle of color for face framing or a light accent

Full Highlight

Dramatic color dimension with a glossy finish


A shiny gloss treatment to tone or enrich overall hair color


Diverse curl technology

Extensions Consultation

A free 15 minute consultation with a certified Drift stylist is required in order to book your individualized extension session

Deep Conditioning Treatment

Shampoo and deep conditioning treatment that is personalized to your unique hair needs

Shampoo Blow Out

Barber Services
Beard Trim

Back Sugar

Back Wax

Brazilian 2.0 Sugar Maintenence

Brazilian 2.0 Sugar NEW CLIENT

Brazilian 2.0 Wax Maintenance

Brazilian 2.0 Wax NEW CLIENT

Brazilian Facial

Brow Henna

Brow Lamination

Brow Sculpting & Lash Tint COMBO

brow threading

brow tint

Brow Tint & Lash Tint COMBO

brow wax

Chin Thread

Chin Wax

Full Arm Sugar

Full Arm Wax

Full Face Thread

Half Leg Sugar

Half Leg Wax

Lash Lift /Tint Combo

Lash Tint

Leg Sugar

Leg Wax

Lip Sugar

Lip Thread

lip wax

Makeup Consult

Rear Sugar

Rear Wax

Stomach Sugar

Stomach Wax

Underarm Sugar

Underarm Wax